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Thursday 28 May 2020

Cafes, Restaurants To Reopen on Friday, But Only for Takeout And Delivery

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Cafes, Restaurants To Reopen on Friday, But Only for Takeout And Delivery

Owners of cafes and restaurants will be able to resume their activities from Friday, May 29, but only for takeout and delivery, the ministry of Industry, Trade and Green and Digital Economy announced Thursday.

In order to safeguard the health of customers and employees and contain the spread of coronavirus, owners of cafes and restaurants are required to strictly implement the precautionary and health rules issued by health authorities, the ministry pointed out in a release, stressing the need to ensure the cleanliness of work places and tools on a daily basis, to ensure adequate ventilation of work places and to provide hydroalcoholic gels and protective masks for employees.

The owners of cafes and restaurants must also organize the work so as to reduce the number of employees present at the same time, respect the distance rules between customers and employees, ensure compliance with hygiene rules during all stages of preparation and delivery of meals and drinks for customers and deliver orders outside stores, the source said.

The ministry urges the owners to make employees aware of the need to respect the aforementioned rules and to observe precautionary and hygienic measures, whether at work or other places, to follow up the health condition of employees, to take the necessary preventive measures and to inform the relevant departments in the case of any suspected infection.

Joint control commissions and the competent services will monitor and control the implementation of these measures, take the necessary precautionary measures and apply repressive measures against offenders, the source added.

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