Friday 10 March 2023

Financial Justice: Court of Accounts Shares Moroccan Experience with Malian Delegation

Financial Justice: Court of Accounts Shares Moroccan Experience with Malian Delegation

The first president of the Court of Accounts, Zineb El Adaoui, held talks on Thursday in Rabat with the auditor general of the Republic of Mali, Samba Alhamdou Baby, and president of the Accounts Section of the Malian Supreme Court, Mama Sininta, who were briefed on the experience of the Court of Accounts in the field of supreme auditing of public finances.

During this meeting, explanations were presented to the Malian delegation on the missions and the particularities of the Court of Accounts, which consist in particular in the exercise of multiple jurisdictional and non-jurisdictional attributions, while ensuring the complementarity between these attributions.

El Adaoui stressed, in this sense, the importance of the role of integrated control which aims to create bridges between the above-mentioned functions, including the judgment of accounts, management control and budgetary and financial discipline, as well as the contribution of their results in the context of the mandatory declaration of assets, said a statement by the Court of Accounts.

For their part, added the same source, the members of the delegation of the Republic of Mali welcomed the Moroccan experience, expressing their willingness to deepen cooperation and exchange expertise with the Court of Accounts to strengthen their organizational and professional capacity.

Baby and Sininta also gave an overview of the place of the two structures they chair within the institutional edifice of the State of Mali, as well as the competencies of each institution separately.

The two parties agreed, the statement concluded, to combine their efforts to implement cooperation between the two countries in favor of supreme audit, particularly with regard to the development of the principles of good governance, transparency and the correlation between responsibility and accountability.

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